Monday, September 30, 2013

Open Letter to Parents Concerning School Attendance

This information was provided by Louisville Elementary Principal Belinda Swart but applies to all students and schools in the District.

Dear Parents or Guardians:
The Mississippi legislature enacted House Bill #1530 during the 2013 Session that states a student absent for more than 37% of his/her unique instruction day is to be considered absent for the entire school day.  
“MDE has interpreted that the intent of the House Bill NO.1530 is to calculate 63% of the individual student’s instruction day, not 63% of the school’s instructional day.  Each individual student’s instructional day will vary based upon the local school board’s policy for early release of high school students, IEPs, dual cred/dual enrollment, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc.”
Throughout a student’s school day, most of the student’s time is spent being instructed.  However, there are a few exceptions such as recess, lunch, and between classes.  Depending upon the grade and teacher, each child has a different instructional schedule.  Basically, in order to be considered present, a child must be in attendance for 63% of their instructional day.  If not, a child will be considered absent.
Also, please notice that the Louisville Municipal School District handbook policy clearly states that a parent or guardian cannot sign a student out of school after 2:00 without proof of a doctor’s appointment.  Please make sure you are following the policy.  
Thanks for your help.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr. Gladney
Fair Elementary School welcomes Officer David Gladney to our campus.  He brings a lot of experience in law enforcement to our district.
Louisville Police Department (LPD)
DARE Instructor LPD
Vicksburg Police Department (VPD)
Juvenile Investigator – VPD
Traffic Investigator – VPD
GREAT Instructor – VPD
School Resource Officer – VPD
Officer Gladney is currently employed as a full-time resource officer for the Louisville Municipal School District.  We are certainly proud to have him as a part of our FAIR family. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Applicants Needed for Part -Time Positions with DREAMS at LMSD

MSU College of Education is looking for applicants for part-time positions to work in the Louisville Municipal School District with  the DREAMS Program: Positions include: Interventionist,Teacher and Para Professional Tutor: for more info- click here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fair Elementary will have a Patriot Day Program Wednesday, September 11 at 8:00am at the Flag Pole

Friday, September 6, 2013

 Family Center Open House
The Family Center will hold its annual Open House during the month of September. The parents from Fair and Louisville Elementary are invited to come on Thursday, September 12, 19, or 26. The remaining schools in the Louisville Municipal School District are invited to come on Thursday, September 26. The Open House will be from 5:00 pm til 6:00 pm each Thursday at 202 Ivy Avenue. Please come and see how we can enhance your child's education. For more information, please call us at (662) 773-4018.

"Special Tickets" will be given to parents who attend an Open House!  Students can redeem these tickets for special prizes at Fair!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Learn about School Bus Safety

As the school year is well underway, it's a great time to review the rules on bus safety with your children. Click the image below to see the National Highway Safety Administration's Information on how to keep your child safe and those things that you should do as a driver.

Mrs. McKensie's class gets first look at the books that First Baptist Church donated to Fair's library.