Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Second Graders attend 7th Annual Save Rural America Youth Conference.

WINSON CO., Miss. – (WCBI) The Winston County Self Help Cooperative is hosting their 7th Save Rural America Youth Conference.

This small gathering of young children at the Louisville Coliseum becomes an educational opportunity as they are learning in a fun way to become effective managers of natural resources. One way is to teach them how to grow their own organic fruits and veggies without chemicals.

“You can even take a baby water pool and turn it into an outside garden where you can plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, anything that’s edible,” says Jean Harper, the WCSH Youth Director.

“And we are building our base to expand our consumer base. And so we have to introduce these young people to the natural resources, local grown foods and that will help expand our local farmers market here in Louisville,” says team leader Frank Taylor.

One of the greatest natural resources is water. So the pre-schoolers, 2nd, and 4th graders are reminded to rethink their drink.

Tucked away in a room at the Louisville Coliseum older farmers, its never too late for them to learn a thing or two.

“We had an opportunity today to share with the land owners how we can assist them, work with them to make measurable improvements on their property as it relates to conservation,” says District Conservationist Kelvin Jackson.

At another station, without stopping, conference presenter Chasidy Goodwin kept moving for good health.

“She is one of our volunteers and she just love it, and its good to have people involved that really love what they are doing,” says Harper.

“You have a lot of children now that have juvenile diabetes and manage chronic illnesses as well if you maintain a healthy weight through exercise,” says Eileen Tubb, who is a health educator.

For these young consumers who just may become future farmers, this conference is creating in their minds sustainability of natural resources in their rural community.