Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Seuss Enrichment Activites

Today, kindergarten classes rotated through classrooms completing different enrichment activities related to Dr. Seuss books.
In Mrs. Butler's classroom students went fishing for sight words and CVC words they could sound out!  They also fished for numbers to compare and practice their fluency of adding numbers 0-5!

In Mrs. Coward's classroom, students completed an activity on following directions!

In Mrs. Dinah Smith's classroom students made cookies that resembled green eggs and ham!

In Mrs. Greer's classroom  students watched a video clip of The Cat in the Hat - Fun in the Sun, a science based video.

In Mrs. Pam Smith's classroom students completed a flipchart at the Promethean Board comparing and contrasting pictures.  

In Mrs. Sheridan's classroom students completed a PBS kids activity based on The Cat in the Hat.  The activity took the students on a math safari comparing the size and length of objects!

In Mrs. Stalcup's classroom students played rhyming word Bingo based on words from The Cat in the Hat!

In Mrs. Warren's classroom students constructed an edible hat from The Cat in the Hat!

In Mrs. Chappell's classroom students played Dr. Suess sight word Bingo!